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Jaguars and 1st Downtown Jacksonville share updates on Miller Electric Center

1st Downtown Jacksonville and the Jaguars have shared previews of the new training facility

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

With the Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp starting soon, 1st Downtown Jacksonville and the Jaguars have been sharing sneak peeks of the new training facility. After holding last year’s training camp at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville due to construction, fans are expected to be able to attend this year’s training camp at Miller Electric Center.

The 125,000 sq ft performance center contains a draft room, office space, locker rooms, recovery and training areas, player dining, medical support facilities, and a weight room. The facility also features 2,070 shaded grandstand seats for fans, restrooms, concessions, art, and a Fanatics Pro Shop. When asked if the Pro Shop would be open year-round, 1st Downtown Jacksonville stated, “The plan is for it to be open before games and during training camp, with more dates to come.”

Training Camp starts on Friday, July 21st for rookies, first-year players, and veterans recovering from injuries, and the rest of the team will report Tuesday, July 25th.