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Madden 24 ratings: Jaguars' Lawrence not top 10?

EA Sports has released their Madden 24 player ratings with multiple Jaguars, including Trevor Lawrence, arguably snubbed.

NFL: JAN 21 AFC Divisional Playoffs - Jaguars at Chiefs Photo by Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

It took a week of mini-releases, with one to two position groups being revealed per day, but we made it, everyone.

Every Madden 24 position group roster rating has been released, with EA Sports finally revealing the ratings for your future Super Bowl champion Jacksonville Jaguars.

Here you can see the Jaguars' complete player ratings.

Let’s break it down.

1. Calvin Ridley's Jaguar Debut

Jacksonville’s newly acquired star receiver Calvin Ridley enters the season with an 85 ranking, placing him as the 24th-ranked receiver in the NFL. While I absolutely would argue that he should be at minimum a 90-91, I can understand the Madden rating team being cautious not to overrate someone whose last game film was from October 2021. They may be erring on the side that someone who hasn't played full-contact football for one year and eight months may need time to knock the rust off and become acclimated to his new team's offense. However, I have a sneaky feeling that by Week 3-5, that rating will skyrocket into the 90s.

2. Top-12 QB?!

A travesty. Pure nonsense. Trevor Lawrence just misses the cut as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL with an overall 82 ranking. This rating puts him at No. 11 among quarterbacks. His 82 rating places him behind players such as Kirk Cousins, Tua Tagovailoa, Dak Prescott, Aaron Rodgers, and many of the obvious top guys. I truly don't understand the logic here from the Madden team. An 87-89 rating I would have understood. Lawrence received a rating of 90+ only in the areas of injury (92), stamina (90), toughness (91), and throwing power (93). For anyone who watched how Lawrence performed in the second half of 2022, this is an obviously, objectively a terrible player evaluation.

3. Jamal Agnew season

Madden finally put some respect on this man's name! Jamal Agnew enters the party with a 95 return rating, the second-best rating in the league for a kick or punt returner. Agnew is truly a touchdown cheat code for the Jaguars’ special teams unit and setting up the offense for more. Never forget, in addition to all the in-season touchdown returns, Agnew averaged nearly 38 yards per kick return in the 2022 playoffs.

4. Top-rated Jaguars

Christian Kirk, Calvin Ridley, Josh Allen, and Tyson Campbell are tied as the highest-rated Jaguars. Each is rated as an 85 overall. As outlined above I truly think they snubbed the Jaguars here at multiple spots. Lawrence, Ridley, Campbell, and absolutely Darious Williams were all given extremely low ratings compared to what various advanced analytics reflect. I hate to type it out, but this truly feels like the old small market snub Jacksonville is known for.

Shout out to Jamal St. Cyr with News4Jax for posting out many of the Jaguars' position group ratings below.

Jaguars Defense:

Jaguars Offense:

Note: JaMycal Hasty (not listed above)- 71

Special Teams:


Some of the biggest (positive) takeaways for me were Calvin Ridley's speed (93) and acceleration (94); Travis Etienne interestingly having the exact same rating as Ridley in speed and acceleration (93 & 94); Jamal Agnew's incredible return ability (95); and rookie outside linebacker Yasir Abdullah having the fastest acceleration on the team (95) with a 90 speed rating!

For anyone with skill, the Jaguars definitely have a few pieces that will definitely make the game playable. Note: if the real Yasir plays to the level they have his raw attributes at, the sky will be the limit for the Jaguars' pass rush in 2023. Also, Evan Engram making the cut as a top-10 tight end and Tyson Campbell emerging as the 16th-best cornerback in the game (85) is good. However, I still sorta feel that Cambell was rated lower than he played in 2022.

Fan/Player Reactions:

(Tank Bigsby in the below video)

To wrap up the week of Madden rating releases, Field Yates, Dan Orlovsky, Mina Kimes, and Louis Riddick will be interviewing players and revealing additional player ratings during a one-hour special on Sunday, July 23 at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN.

What are your thoughts, Big Cat Country? Which Jaguars player(s) do you see as ranked too low, or higher than expected, or is everyone pretty fairly gauged?