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Doug Pederson: ‘expectations for us are you have to get better and focus on one day at a time’

Head Coach Doug Pederson addressed the media before practice, and other highlights from training camp.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars held their first training camp practice today. Head Coach Doug Pederson started the day off with a press conference. He began with how he set the expectations with the players the day before during the team meeting. “Really, expectations for us are you have to get better and focus on one day at a time,” Pederson stated. The players understand they can be a good team.

Pederson continued by praising the players who have taken the leadership initiative in the locker room, and how it’s good to have those guys the coaches can lean on. He also noted that traveling to the Episcopal School of Jacksonville on buses for training camp last year brought them closer together, but it’s nice to have the new practice fields/facilities. It makes things easier and gives the team the resources they need to focus on football.

When asked about the preparation for Cam Robinson’s upcoming four-game suspension, Coach Pederson said they're ensuring both guys are prepared. Cam Robinson and Walker Little both understand their roles and what the team is trying to accomplish. He also noted Walker Little will be getting most of the snaps during practice to get him ready to potentially start during week one.

Coach Pederson said linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson is a rotational player and third on the depth chart behind Josh Allen and Travon Walker. Pederson thinks if Chaisson continues to improve and work during the offseason like he has been, then we should see more of him on the field. Pederson highlighted the importance of coaching the players you have because you can’t go out and get a player to immediately fix a spot.

He also gave updates on lineman Ben Bartch and linebacker Dawuane Smoot following recent announcements both players had been added to the PUP (physically unable to perform) list. Bartch seems to be progressing really well and hopefully a few weeks away from playing, with Smoot coming back later due to him sustaining an injury later during the previous season.

Pederson briefly spoke on Smoot’s leadership, pass rush abilities, and versatility on the field. Wide receiver Calvin Ridley will be “full go”. Pederson also touched on wide receiver Christian Kirk’s familiarity and comfort level with the offense heading into his second season with the team.

Signing tight end Evan Engram to a long-term contract took longer than they hoped but everyone is excited. Engram “loves being here”, and Pederson said as a coach it makes him proud when players want to stay. With the camp being open to fans this year, he stated that he loves it and the guys feed off of it. Pederson asked each position group to sign autographs after practice.

Clips from practice


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