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Jaguars vs Cowboys: Week 1 preseason live blog

The Jaguars and Cowboys kickoff in Texas at 5:00 pm EST

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in Texas to play the Dallas Cowboys for week 1 of the 2023 preseason. Kickoff is at 5:00 PM EST. To find out how to watch/listen to the game, click here.

Injury report:

8:18: Jaguars win 28-23!

8:10: Two-minute warning.

8:07: Touchdown Cowboys. 28-23 Jaguars.

8:05: Ventrell Miller with the fourth sack of the game!

8:02: Cowboys with the fumble recovery.


7:55: Nathan Rourke continues to impress! I don’t know how he fought off those defenders but touchdown Jaguars! 28-16 Jaguars.

7:40: Cowboys punt after a three and out.

7:34: Nathan Rourke with a touchdown! Two-point conversion is good 22-16 Jaguars.

7:24: (cuss) Touchdown Cowboys. Aubrey misses the field goal. 16-14 Cowboys.

7:20: End of the third quarter. 14-10 Jaguars.


7:14: The refs somehow miss what should have been a penalty against the Cowboys. The Cowboys take over on downs.

7:02: Quarterback Nathan Rourke takes the field.

6:58: The defense holds the Cowboys to a field goal. 14-10 Jaguars.

6:34: END OF THE FIRST HALF. Jaguars lead 14-7.

6:32: The Cowboys score with 13 seconds left in the half. 14-7 Jaguars.

6:27: Jeremiah Ledbetter with a sack! The defense has three sacks so far in the first half.

6:22: Two-minute warning.

6:20: Jaguars go for it on 4th down and the ball is dropped by Austin Jr.

6:10: The Cowboys go three and out. Parker Washington with an 18-yard return.

6:04: Beathard with a touchdown! Jaguars lead 14-0

6:01: Harris with an impressive 42-yard catch. 1st and goal Jaguars.

5:56: YASIR ABDULLAH WITH THE SACK. The Cowboys kick to Parker Washington.


5:51: Logan Cooke comes out to kick.

5:48: Beginning of the second quarter.

5:45: End of the first quarter. 8-0 Jaguars.

5:43: The Cowboys lose the ball! Gregory Junior forces the fumble and Daniel Thomas with the recovery. Jaguars ball at the one-yard line.

5:36: Tim Jones with impressive speed and a nice catch but it is out of bounds. Logan Cooke punts.

5:35: Jaguars with their third penalty in the first quarter.

5:34: CJ Beathard is in at quarterback.

5:31: Defense with the pressure! The Cowboys kick the ball.

5:25: Lawrence to Kirk for a TOUCHDOWN on fourth down. Zay Jones caught the two-point conversion! 8-0 Jaguars.

5:22: Calvin Ridley just sparked a lot of joy in my day with a 12-yard catch.

5:20: The offense goes 3 and out. The Cowboys fumble the return! Gregory Junior recovers the fumble. Jaguars ball.

5:12: Cisco with the pressure and DaVon Hamilton with a sack! Cowboys kick on 4th & 20.

5:11: The Cowboys pick up the first down.

5:09: Well fudge. Lawrence is intercepted.

5:08: The offense takes the field

5:07: Jaguars will receive the ball. Parker Washington is lined up to return the ball.