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Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence joins Fred Taylor on The Pivot podcast

Jacksonville’s current quarterback and former running back met up on a recent podcast

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence recently joined The Pivot podcast, hosted by former NFL players Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor.

It was a return trip for Taylor, who rushed for 11,271 yards and 62 touchdowns in 11 seasons for Jacksonville. The hosts checked out the new facilities at the Miller Electric Center before sitting down with their star guest in the locker room.

Lawrence was first asked about the impact of his hometown, Cartersville, on his humility in big moments.

My family for one- I think it didn’t matter where I grew up, my family has always instilled in me humility, I think that’s been something that I’ve always come back to. And then, I found my faith early on [in] my freshman year of college, and that alongside- my family has a big faith background, my parents, very strong believers, but when I found it for myself, I think all that kind of coincided with, that’s that humility aspect, that’s how you treat people, and I always believed: treat people how you want to be treated.

Doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter if you’re my teammate, if you work here, if you do whatever, if I just met you outside of the stadium, on the street, I try to treat everybody the same. But that goes along with coming from a small town where everybody knows everybody, I think that was also ingrained with me, so I think everything worked together- and then obviously Clemson.

Clemson’s not a very big town either, y’all have all probably been there, seen it. Not a ton going on there, and the same thing- like I said, my faith is important in my life, as I really do believe God orchestrated my steps and put me in the right positions: in Clemson, and coach Swinney, and the people I was surrounded with were some of my best friends. I think I’ve always, not that it’s always been my choice, I think I’ve been protected in the sense where I’ve always had the right people around me, even when I didn’t know it, but looking back on my life I’m like, man, I’ve been surrounded by good people. No one can do it on their own, and I think that’s a testament to all those things. Long answer but that’s what it is.

Taylor said he was doing some research for the pod and read that Lawrence’s father used to say Trevor was either wide open or asleep as a kid, no in-between.

The way he described it, I was just a wild kid, which is funny now because I think my personality and my demeanor’s way different, way calmer. I think I’ve kind of had to do that as I’ve gotten older though, it’s kind of just the spot I’m in, but I was wide open as a kid.

And I always loved sports, and my family, my uncles and my dad- so my dad never played, he played like youth football but never played in high school or college or anything like that- but my uncles did, and we were all super close, and they’re from Tennessee so big Tennessee fans.

So I’ve always had that love for sports, and I could channel it, so that’s what I did when I was a kid. Ever since I was four, I was wearing a Tennessee helmet, I wanted to play football and all that. So my childhood started with sports and then just carried over.

Later, Lawrence discussed Jacksonville’s journey leading up to the Wild Card comeback, and the support from fans staying through that first half.

It was huge. I think the whole transition to see how the belief went from our staff to start with, down to the team throughout the season, and then slowly into the city as a whole, and into the stadium and the fan base.

We’d had so many games at that point- Dallas, Tennessee, Baltimore- all three of those games at home to finish the year, where we’re sitting there, it’s not looking like we got a good shot to win the game, we somehow find a way to win. Every scenario was different.

So the fans had seen that, and to see them see that, and then come into a playoff game we’re down by four scores and [they] still believe...

...our stadium was still full, and I think having that support from them and also from the guys in here when you’re not playing well. You can feel, when you’re on certain teams, when you’re not playing well you feel the guys looking at you, and you know you got to change something. And it was never like that here, all the guys were like, “We’re good, we know you’re going to get it back.”

When you have that belief, that’s what it takes.

Taylor eventually asked Lawrence how excited he is about Calvin Ridley.

Can’t wait.

Me and him are equally as excited to play together, because he’s obviously, hadn’t played, he hadn’t been on the field for in forever- so just seeing him, how he’s worked, I think that makes me more excited than anything. He’s so ready to go...

...he’s just chomping at the bit to go, and to see that, and to see how he’s fit in with our other receivers, it’s been so seamless. Him, Christian, Zay, all those guys- Ag, they just take care of each other. I’m excited for our group, it’s gonna be a fun year, and he looks good. He’s a freak. I mean I can’t wait- and then, obviously Evan, that’s my guy.

These pieces are starting to solidify. You need a good crew around you if we want to go the distance, and I think we’re putting it together.

You can view the full podcast below.

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