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Jaguars training camp 2023: Tyson Campbell bests Calvin Ridley on Day 7

Jacksonville Jaguars 2023 training camp continued with an entertaining battle between Campbell and Ridley.

NFL: JUL 31 Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by David Rosenblum/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

After a gruelingly hot Day 6 of training camp, the Jacksonville Jaguars had their most entertaining practice on Wednesday’s Day 7.

Few people could debate that Calvin Ridley and Tyson Campbell have been the two best players at camp so far. On Saturday, Doug Pederson named them as players who have stood out.

“I would say Calvin [Ridley]. Ridley on offense, just the way he practices is just a different speed and a different level. It’s encouraging to me as a coach because it feeds to the rest of the guys, particularly the young guys. He’s one that’s really stood out there. Defensively, Tyson [Campbell]. I just love the way he came back and really has embraced, I think, him being in that conversation of one of the top corners in the league. He’s picking up where he left off and doing well.”

They put on Jacksonville’s show of the summer today. During 1-on-1s, Ridley beat Campbell on an inside release, shimmied at the top of his route as if he was going back out, then broke across the middle of the field with at least a yard of separation -- before dropping the wide-open pass.

The outside releases were even more fun. Campbell hasn’t allowed an inch of separation on over the shoulder balls to Ridley all camp, but Ridley is/was among the league’s best at selling vertical before snapping off his route. His good-enough speed and elite suddenness are a perfect recipe to create intermediate throwing windows.

Campbell’s athleticism helps him swiftly erase any separation against most, but not all receivers. Ridley has gotten him a few times on routes with an outside release and then hook to the sideline 10-20 yards downfield, but today he dropped another contested catch.

Though he drew pass interference on one rep, Ridley was held without a catch in four tries during 1v1s. He dropped another ball during 11v11 team drills that would’ve been an acrobatic snag with Campbell (legally) draped over him. He then proceeded to let a screen pass dart through his hands and didn’t record a catch during 7v7s either.

By my count, Ridley finished the day with no catches and four drops on eight targets. His toe soreness yesterday ended up just being the cleat’s fault, so injury wasn’t at fault.

Ridley wasn’t the only receiver with a bad day at the office, as Zay Jones dropped two passes and there were at least two more total. That’s two days out of seven now that a case of the drops spread around the water cooler.

On the positive side, Evan Engram and Jacob Harris each had two touchdown catches. Here’s a coverage roundup from local media for remaining highlights.