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Big Cat Country Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans predict WR6 and CB5

The results are in, the majority of Jaguars fans would like to see receiver Elijah Cooks and cornerback Christian Braswell make the 2023 roster.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Detroit Lions Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

This week, we asked which Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver and cornerback currently on the roster bubble you’re rooting for to make the team.

42% of fans are pulling for undrafted free agent Elijah Cooks, who leads all Jaguars skill players in receiving yards and PFF grade through two preseason games.

24% voted for Tim Jones, who was on Jacksonville’s practice squad in 2021 as a UDFA rookie and made the 53-man roster last year.

16% voted for Jacob Harris, 11% voted for Seth Williams, 5% voted for Kevin Austin Jr., and 1% voted for Kendric Pryor.

38% of Jaguars fans are hoping to see sixth-round rookie Christian Braswell on the official depth chart. 20% voted for Montaric Brown, 17% voted for Chris Claybrooks, 13% voted for Tevaugn Campbell, 8% voted for Erick Hallett II, and 4% voted for Kaleb Hayes.

Chris Claybrooks is a decent bet to make the team as CB5, but Braswell may just be the favorite over Brown and Campbell for the sixth spot.

The final seat at the table in the receiver room is a matchup to watch in Jacksonville’s final preseason game against Miami on Saturday.

Top comments from Tuesday’s post:

I went with Tim Jones and Braswell.
Cooks is definitely a dude I want around but Jones has paid his dues, makes plays when given the chance, and is a really good special teamer. Cooks is a nice big target tho. Reminds me of a poor man's Mike Evans. Would not be surprised to see him get picked up by another team, ala Allen Lazard. I agree with the others about Parker Washington. He is the Agnew heir apparent.
I went with Braswell at CB. Claybrooks is the equivalent of T Jones. Paid his dues and core special teamer. Braswell is probably the heir apparent to Tre Herndon at nickel. I think the Jags keep 6 at CB including Claybrooks and Braswell.
Gonna be tough getting down to 53. All those late round picks we had this year. Gonna be hard to keep em all. Jags will be spending tons of money next year, so gonna need these cheap late rounders next year for sure. Hope we can keep most of them on the practice squad. Vets like Claybrooks, Herndon, Tim Jones will probably all be gone next year.
Of these lists-I picked Cooks and Braswell, although if we are going off of what has been shown in the games, it's hard to believe they both aren't already close to being "locks" (especially Braswell being a draft pick). I really was hoping the Kevin Austin would show what I have read from camps in the games, maybe if he sticks around the practice squad another year he can make a push next year? Very tough WR room-so many guys seeming to be playmakers on the back part of the roster. I still like Montaric Brown as a possiblity also, but I was hoping he would have a splash play or 2 in there (similar to what Junior has done). Going to be hard to pick last 10-15 guys to make the team at so many different positions!
Paul ETC
I can not see why Cooks is not a given? I suppose, or at least I understand that he is not a special teams contributor, but he IMO has out preformed by FAR everyone else on this list.
BTW is he not a HUGE red zone target?
He needs to be a JAG no question.
I'm not entirely sure Washington should be a lock at the expense of some of these other guys who seem to have performed better.

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