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Jaguars call sheet: In-depth look at offensive game plan vs Colts

Diving into the offensive numbers to see how Doug Pederson and Press Taylor game planned against Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars kick-started their 2023 campaign with a 31-21 victory over the Indianapolis Colts during Week 1. While it wasn’t the most efficient game on both sides of the ball, a road victory against a division opponent early in the season is something to build on.

The offense averaged 5 yards per play while totaling 342 yards on the day. As expected, the passing game was ahead of the running game. Trevor Lawrence and Calvin Ridley were exceptional in the first half; showcasing their chemistry to the tune of 7 receptions on 8 targets for 92 yards and a touchdown.

After a three-and-out to start the game, the offense found its rhythm on the second drive. The Jaguars drove 61 yards in 9 plays, culminating in a Trevor Lawrence scramble-drill-touchdown-pass to WR Calvin Ridley.

Doug Pederson and Press Taylor did an excellent job mixing up the offense early in this contest. The first 20 plays of the game saw a diverse run game as well as a good mix of play-action passes and RPOs.

The Jaguars offense was able to move the ball efficiently on early downs consistently throughout the day. This allowed the offense to avoid 3rd down and long situations.

Avoiding third and long situations proved pivotal for the Jaguars offense. Finishing 3-12 (25%) on 3rd down, the offense did not convert a single 3rd down in the second half against the Colts.

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Jacksonville Jaguars Play Call Sheet - Week 1 vs Indianapolis Colts

Behind the numbers

Personnel Groups: 3

Run Concepts: 13

Play-Action: 8

RPOs: 3

3-Step Drops: 8

5-Step Drops: 13

Top Coverage Faced: Cover 3

Top Run Concepts: Zone, Duo, Counter

Middle 8: Colts 7 — Jaguars 0

Situational football

Here are the top situational plays for the Jaguars offense. Hard to ignore how brutal the offense performed on 3rd down. Mistakes piled up, which isn’t unusual for the first week of the season. But expectations for this talented group would be to see the number of mistakes decrease week after week.

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How do we think the Jaguars offense will look against the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 2?