The Run to Glory: Why Running Matters Against the Chiefs

Last week's win against the Colts was a sloppy one from an offensive standpoint. Yes, it was a ten-point road win against a divisional opponent, but boy has time changed for Jaguars fans. Despite this, if this team wants to be good, then we are going to have to start getting used to looking at games like this, and it starts with the run game. This entire running game starts with Etienne, and I do believe he has the ability to become a top 10 running back. It all starts with giving him the ball consistently throughout the game.

The best part about the run game is that it can help ease the pressure on the quarterback and really open up the passing game. Etienne’s ability to get a consistent 3–4 yards per play will keep the cornerbacks and linebackers honest with pass protection, and a big play action pass is always a good momentum booster for any team.

Shifting our focus to the Chiefs, we all know how good Patrick Mahomes is, how Doug Pederson is 0-3 against Andy Reid, and how they knocked the Jaguars out of the playoffs last year. The run game will be extremely important in not only hurting the Chiefs defense but also keeping the ball in Mahomes ' handsI really believe that the run game will be a large part of whether the Jaguars can win this game or not.

Another big determinant of the run game's success will depend heavily on the offensive line's performance. I know it was the first game of the season, and the Colts' defensive line is no slouch, but the offensive line looked shaky, to say the least. Lawrence did a great job scrambling and getting away from pressure to deliver accurate passes, but the box score showed the hurdles the run game had to go through. If Trevor has to win this game by himself, it will be very challenging against the very underrated Chiefs defense, and if the run game is not established quickly, it will be hard for weapons to get open, and the Jaguars will fall to 1-1.

In conclusion, this is a very anticipated game and is definitely the Jaguars toughest test in this young season. Etienne and the Offensive line will be the most important players in this game, and if the Jaguars are to be victorious, I believe it will be directly correlated to the run game’s success. While watching this game, be sure to keep a close eye on how the offensive line performs and how the run game does on the first couple drives, and our hopes may be high to finally take down the Kansas City Chiefs.

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