Houston? We Have No Problem.

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This week's edition comes from "JaxBeachJagsFan".

In Week 3, the Jaguars (1-1) will play at home and take on the Houston Texans (0-2) on Sunday at 1:00 pm EDT.

After a dismal performance last week by their offense, the Jaguars will look to bounce back against a young Texans team that has struggled so far this season. The Texans’ defense though, has not been giving up a lot of passing yards, and they’ve allowed only one passing touchdown.

The way to attack the Texans’ defense appears to be through the running game. They’ve resembled Swiss cheese in this area, allowing six rushing touchdowns already this season.

Judging by the title of this piece, you might think I’m way too confident in the Jaguars having an easy victory this week, but that’s really not the case. I know that wins rarely come easy in the NFL and you have to earn everything you get. And the Jaguars have lost 9 of their last 10 games against the Texans, and haven’t defeated them in Jacksonville since the 2017 season.

This year, however, the Jaguars are widely considered to have the better team, and most people are expecting them to beat the Texans this week. The Vegas point spread has the Jaguars favored by 8.5 points, and the over / under total is 44.5. This would indicate an expected Jaguars victory by a score of 27-18, approximately.

For the Jacksonville offense, they need to have a better balance this week between run and pass, and avoid the maddening and costly turnovers which have been a factor in the first two weeks.

Also, the Jaguars need to improve at converting on third and fourth downs. It would be almost physically impossible to get any worse. Over the first two games, the Jaguars are 6 of 24 on their third down conversion attempts (25%), and they’re one of five on their fourth down conversion attempts (20%).

Everyone who follows this team has to be expecting a much better performance this week from the offensive line, which although banged-up with some injuries, has been by far the weakest position group on the team through the first two games. It’s been bad. Like really bad. And, with Trevor Lawrence looking too-keyed-up and too-often inaccurate with his passes last week, it’s easy to see why the Jags only scored 9 points against Kansas City.

It’s time for the offense to turn things around and start living up to the lofty expectations that have been placed on them this season. And it’s quite possible that ex-Jaguar cornerback Shaq Griffin, getting the start this week for the Texans, might be just what the doctor ordered to help an ailing Jaguars offense finally light up the scoreboard. Griffin is expected to start in place of Derek Stingley who is battling a hamstring injury.

Although the sample sizes are still very small, below are the ranked team stats, per game for both the Jaguars and Texans.


Rushing Yards Allowed

Passing Yards Allowed

Points Allowed


8th ranked - 83.0

25th ranked - 256.5

10th ranked - 19.0


21st ranked - 118.0

10th ranked - 191.0

27th ranked - 28.0


Rushing Yards Gained

Passing Yards Gained

Points Scored


23rd ranked - 89.5

15th ranked - 217.0

21st ranked - 20.0


29th ranked - 62.0

5th ranked - 266.5

28th ranked - 14.5

The Texans are even in the net turnovers department at two takeaways and two giveaways through 2 games this season. The Jaguars are plus 3 so far, with 6 takeaways and 3 giveaways.

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