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Big Cat Country staff roundtable: AFC South record predictions

The Jaguars, Texans, and Colts each believe they have found their future franchise quarterbacks. Who does BCC staff see winning the AFC South in 2023?

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars won 9 games in 2022 en route to their second AFC South title since the division was founded in 2002. Super Bowl-winning head coach Doug Pederson, in one season, has seemingly rebuilt the culture around this Jaguars team. With the improved play of Trevor Lawrence, this staff has done well in erasing the cloud that lingered from the previous regime. Is 2022 a sign of dominance to come or a one-season fluke à la 2017?

After being the healthiest team in the NFL last year the Jaguars focused on adding much-needed depth this offseason. However, the addition of Calvin Ridley cannot be understated for this squad. Trent Baalke's low-risk trade for a bonafide WR1 may turn this good Jaguars offense into the best combination of offensive talent to ever be coached by Pederson.

How do the Jaguars line up compared to the Colts, Texans, and Titans?

Big Cat Country staff predictions for the 2023 AFC South

Jacksonville is widely expected to capture a second straight division title. The Colts, Texans, and Titans all drafted a top-40 quarterback in April and are looking to contend down the line; the Jaguars are chasing a Super Bowl right now. Doug Pederson went 4-2 against the AFC South in his first season in Jacksonville. That should only improve in 2023.

  • Jaguars: 12-5
  • Titans: 9-8
  • Colts: 8-9
  • Texans: 5-12

- Gus Logue / @gus_logue

The Jaguars have the AFC South’s best quarterback by a wide margin. Trevor Lawrence, who is surrounded by one of the best supporting casts in the NFL, will make even bigger strides in his third professional season and secure another division title for Jacksonville. The Titans still pose a major threat to the Jaguars, but come in right below .500. Young talent in Indianapolis and Houston will show flashes, but they won’t challenge for the division until next year at the earliest.

  • Jaguars: 12-5
  • Titans 8-9
  • Texans: 5-12
  • Colts: 3-14

- Joseph Henry / @JosephHenry2424

I feel that the AFC South will be a 2023 dogfight, with many scrappy defenses. Mike Vrabel is slowly becoming white Mike Tomlin and the Titans will continue to be the Dollar Store Pittsburgh Steelers (on their way to a .500 or better record no matter what). The Texans' defense is likely to be better than in 2022 with an improved offense also. The Colts, however, look to be in full rebuild mode. I admit to being possibly the most pessimistic Jaguar fan ever (based on the past decade of Jags football), and even I have a hard time predicting less than 10 wins for this Jacksonville team.

  • Jaguars: 10-7
  • Titans: 9-8
  • Texans: 6-11
  • Colts: 4-13

- Travis Holmes / @TravisDHolmes

On paper, the Jaguars are by far the most talented team in the AFC South and should win this division going away. However, the team had a bad habit last year of playing down to competition with five of their eight regular season losses coming against non-playoff teams. Considering both the Texans and Colts are going through a rebuild, it could be easy for the Jags to fall back into that trap of a season ago. Which could leave the door open for the Tennessee Titans to push Jacksonville for the division crown. That said, this team is too hungry to play with their food in 2023.

  • Jaguars: 12-5
  • Titans: 9-8
  • Texans: 7-10
  • Colts: 5-12

- Dillon Appleman / @dillappleman

The Jaguars have added weapons to an offense that was a top-10 unit in 2022. Look for them to continue their run and repeat as division champions. It won’t be as close as last season though, and I can see the whole division taking advantage of playing against the NFC South. A couple of rookie quarterbacks will struggle to find their footing, but expect Doug Pederson to take the Jaguars to the next level and be serious contenders in 2023.

  • Jaguars: 13-4
  • Titans: 10-7
  • Texans: 7-10
  • Colts: 3-14

- Mark Dhooge / @Mark_Dhooge

In my opinion, the Colts are easily the fourth seed in the AFC South. The Texans have improved their roster with the additions of Will Anderson, Tank Dell, and CJ Stroud, but the difficulty of their schedule is not working in their favor. The Titans will be competitive, but I think the Jaguars are the clear No. 1 seed in the AFC South.

  • Jaguars 12-5
  • Titans 8-9
  • Texans 5-12
  • Colts 4-13

- Caitlin Connor / @BigCatCountry

Unsurprisingly, the entire BCC staff predicts the Jaguars to be crowned AFC South champions, winning at least 10 games. The worst predicted record for the home team was 10-7 with the ceiling being 13-4.

Everyone is also consistent in viewing the Tennessee Titans as the main obstacle for the Jaguars to repeat as division champs - hopefully not a throwback to 1999. We are also all consistent in seeing the Colts as the worst team within the division.

Those are our thoughts, but what say you, BBCC readers? How many wins do you see the Jaguars winning? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments!


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