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Jaguars podcast: Week 17 review and hot takes

Gus and John return to the JaguarReport Podcast to discuss Jacksonville’s Week 17 win over the Panthers.

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

Check out Episode 83 of the JaguarReport Podcast, hosted by Gus Logue and John Shipley.

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John and I discussed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Week 17 win over the Carolina Panthers.

Super Bowl aspirations are still present in Jacksonville’s locker room. After breaking the franchise’s single-season sack record, Josh Allen told reporters: “There’s still room for me to improve, I believe. I haven’t played my best ball … looking back at this season there’s still areas where I can improve to get better. So for me it’s just to get back into the lab after we win the Super Bowl and just get better.”

Travis Etienne post-game, when asked if the team felt a weight lifted off their shoulders after the win: “When you go into a four-game slide, guys start to panic and look within, but to be a great athlete, you have to stay the same. Whether you win or lose, you have to stay the game. The process should never change. We have done a great job of building that around here and that is why we were able to come out here and focus at the game at hand. We have to come out next week with that same mindset, nothing changes. We still have everything we want in front of us. At the end of the day, we just want a shot at the Super Bowl. In order to get that, we have to win next week.”

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