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Jaguars offseason power rankings: Biggest team needs

In this week's edition, we will be power-ranking Jacksonville’s biggest needs entering the 2024 offseason.

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

Welcome to the weekly edition of Power Rankings!

We know you could have explored any team on the wonderful SB Nation site but you want to know about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Instead of focusing on other teams that made the playoffs (sad tiny violin) this weekly edition will focus on just the big cats down in Jacksonville.

Sometimes it will be top-5 lists, sometimes top-10, but it will always be a top read.

Here is this week's topic:


  1. Offensive line help

-This is an easy No. 1 for even the most casual Jaguars fan. Offensive line is one of the most important, if not the most important position in football behind quarterback. The lack of a stout offensive line not only hurts the play on the field but also the play calling, and that was evident with the lack of running game for this Jaguars team in 2023. While Anton Harrison is a great rookie and Cam Robinson is a big leader, this team should always be looking to upgrade the line, whether through the draft or in free agency.

2. Defensive depth

-This Jaguars defensive unit started the year off hot by leading the league in takeaways and imposing their will on offenses. Despite the strong start, much like the rest of the team, the defensive unit fell off the cliff a little and showed weakness down the stretch, eventually leading to the downfall of this team. NFL fans have seen how important defensive depth is to make a deep run into the postseason, as shown by teams like the Bills and the Bucs.

3. Solid backup quarterback

-Once again this was a problem that didn’t rear its ugly head until the end of the season. Unfortunately, injuries are a big part of football, and Jaguars fans noticed that as the season came to an end. Trevor Lawrence’s production started to decline and many can point to playing hurt as a big reason. Many other NFL quarterbacks got hurt this year and backup passers took center stage. I think C.J. Beathard is a solid backup quarterback but this Jaguars team should be looking at other options around the league to improve the team for the 2024 season.

4. Coach for quarterback development

-Quarterback might be one of the hardest positions in sports and that challenge comes not only on the field but also off the field. When the team is good, the quarterback gets all the love, but when the team is bad, the quarterback gets all the hate too. The Jaguars were on a six-game winning streak and Lawrence was considered an elite quarterback; then they went on a long losing streak and Lawrence is compared to Daniel Jones. While I think the love/hate was an overreaction, this does not change the fact that Lawrence still has some growing to do to take this team to the next level. Press Taylor will most likely be the offensive coordinator next year but I still believe there needs to be some people brought in to help Lawrence grow to his full potential at the quarterback position. He did not have the advantage of sitting behind an established starter and I think someone needs to be brought in either in an advisory role or a quarterback coach position that can help Lawrence’s development.

5. Young cheap controllable playmakers

-Trust me, I’ve tried to understand the salary cap and I have yet to graduate to that detailed level of football knowledge. But I do know that players still in their rookie contracts are cheap and affordable for NFL teams. The Jaguars need to have a good draft for players that can make an impact for this upcoming season as the Jaguars are approaching the stage where time will start running out on these contracts. To keep this team under the cap and have the ability to sign bigger names in free agency, the Jaguars must have a solid draft.

Hope you enjoyed this week's edition of Jaguars Power Rankings! Excited to grow this weekly post into some cool stuff. Let us know in the comments what you thought about this week's rankings, and share some ideas on what we should rank in the future.