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Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans sign off on the Ryan Nielsen hire

The results are in, and the majority of Jaguars fans gave the team an “A” grade for adding Ryan Nielsen as defensive coordinator.

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

This week, we asked Jacksonville Jaguars fans how they’d grade the Ryan Nielsen hire.

About a third of voters gave it an A+, while 53% of responses were an A- or B+ and just 9% responded C or worse.

During his end-of-season media availability, Trent Baalke said Nielsen was an impressive interview.

“Well, schematically there’s going to be a change. It’s not going to necessarily affect the type of personnel we look for. The thing that’s neat is the preparation that Ryan had put into getting ready for the interview, knowing our roster the way he did, talking through how he sees those pieces being utilized in his defense. That was impressive, especially for a guy that was on vacation down at Disneyland with his family and we yanked him up here from there. So, just his presence, his command within the room, the synergy he had with the group that was in there, his attention to detail, the two-way relationships that he’s been able to establish, and really the fact that no matter who you talk to they had nothing but positive things to say about him. Then you bring him in and everything that you heard comes to life. So, really excited about the hire and looking forward to working with him.”

Top comments from Tuesday’s post:

Personally, I'd fire Baalke.

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