One thing we know.. Khan doesn't like to be embarrassed. #FireBaalke

Pete Brisco on the money.. SoundCloudXL1010 Pete Brisco

#1 ALL the fans wanted Baalke gone with Urban Meyer

#2 Somehow he was able to convince the Kahns' to keep him

#3 EVERYONE knew what would happen and hoped with hiring Doug Pederson things would get better.

A great coach can only coach the talent he has. Which we don't have.

Give Baalke a LITTLE credit he did have some hits. BUT most those were consensus picks and decisions.

We have no depth.. and lack of quality backups.. and that is on Baalke.

#FIREBaalke we need to pressure the team.. all season ticket holders need to call and call him to go.

Pressure the Khans and hopefully we will get him gone..

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