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Jaguars vs Titans: Week 18 live blog and open thread

Win and in

Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

With the playoffs and AFC South on the line, the Jacksonville Jaguars are in Nashville to play the Tennessee Titans for Week 18 of the 2023 Season. Kickoff is at 1:00 PM EST. To find out how to watch/listen to the game, click here. You can also find game updates on our Twitter and Facebook.



3:56: Jags go for it on 4th down and the pass is incomplete. That’s the game.

3:49: Titans punt. Jags down by eight with 2:18 to go. Two-minute warning.

3:34: The Jaguars drive to the red zone and go for it on 4th & goal, but do not convert. Titans take over.



3:10: Engram with the first down. Engram with another first down. Etienne with a first down! End of the third.

3:06: Titans to punt!

3:01: Jags go for it on 4th & 6 and the Titans make the stop.

2:47: Henry for 69 yards. Touchdown Titans.

2:31: McManus’s kick is good. HALFTIME.

2:22: Trevor’s pass is intercepted. Oh boy.


2:16: Ridley with a first down. Etienne with a gain of 11. Two-minute warning. Etienne with the first down.

2:10: Spears with his second touchdown today.

2:01: Jags turnover the ball.

1:49: Hopkins with a pickup of 16. Titans offense is making its way down the field. Touchdown Henry. Jaguars 10 - Titans 14


1:42: Etienne with a gain of five then a loss of one. 3rd & 6. Zay Jones with the first down!

1:37: Tim Jones with a gain of seven. Etienne gained a yard. 3rd & 2. Ridley with a pickup of ten. End of the first quarter.

1:33: TN to punt on 4th & 13.

1:25: Zay with a first down but Tennessee is challenging the ruling on the field. The call is overturned.

1:19: Titans score. (swear words) Titans 7 - Jaguars 3

1:16: Oh yikes.

1:14: Henry gets the first down for Tennessee.

1:07: Bigsby with a gain of eight! Ridley with a pickup of 16 for first down. 3rd & 7. Lawrence runs with the ball and picks up three. McManus comes out for the field goal attempt. Kick is good! Jaguars 3 - Titans 0

1:04: Lawrence to Engram with the first down. Lawrence takes a hit. 3rd & 5. Engram with the first down.

1:03: Titans win the toss. Jaguars to receive the ball first. HERE WE GO!