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Jaguars v. Titans: Winners and losers from Week 18 defeat

It was win or go home. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going home.

Syndication: The Tennessean Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA TODAY NETWORK

With that, the season has come to a close.

What once started as an 8-3 team with the league on notice, flatlined into a 9-8 finish with a 28-20 loss against the Tennessee Titans.

For a brief period, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the best team in the AFC. They have now missed the playoffs and gifted the Houston Texans the AFC South title.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this. Here we are though, with far more questions than answers heading into an offseason that will be rife with tumult.

For the last time, your winners and losers from the final game of the Jaguars’ 2023-24 season.


Evan Engram

Despite the awful end, there is solace in that many of the Jags had tremendous individual seasons. Evan Engram was one of them.

Engram ended his day with a game-high 10 catches for 79 yards and a score. As he has been all season, he was a constant target on third downs. He finished his year just two catches shy of the single-season catch record for tight ends with 114.

There are plenty of questions around the team. Engram is not one of them.

Travon Walker

Much like Engram, Travon Walker had a solid end to his year.

Walker registered one sack, and just narrowly missed out on another that was finished off by Josh Allen. In total for his sophomore season, Walker ended with 10 sacks, a huge upgrade from his 3.5 sacks last year.

The Aiden Hutchinson versus Walker debate will go on for ages, but seemingly in the end, both teams made the right call.

Walker and Allen– who finished his season with 17.5 sacks– will be a formidable duo for quite some time if the Jags resign Allen. That contract now becomes one of the big stories for the team in the offseason.

At least the Jags have plenty more years with Walker locked up.


The Jacksonville Jaguars

There is no point in belaboring how miserable the end of this season was. We all watched it. We all know.

This year will go down as one of the biggest “What if…?” moments for the franchise maybe since the Myles Jack wasn’t down days. Speaking of which, Jack will now be in the playoffs with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Trevor Lawrence

This one is short too. There is little point in throwing shade and anger at a guy playing through a shoulder injury. Lawrence played fine enough to win the game, but made a few too many mistakes that ultimately hurt the chances of winning.

Throwing well in front of the sticks on fourth down didn’t help, and his second interception was not pretty. A final stat line of 280 yards, two touchdowns, and two picks is not going to be memorable by any means. The angry online mob will now be after Lawrence until he gets the team in the playoffs next year. That is what losing does. And there was no uglier way to lose than how the Jags did over the past few weeks.