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BCC staff roundtable: Takes on Trevor Lawrence contract and Super Bowl MVP

Our Big Cat Country staff delivers takes on the Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl LVIII - Kansas City Chiefs Practice Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Welcome to Big Cat Country’s weekly roundtable, where our staff responds to a few open-ended questions related to recent Jacksonville Jaguars news.

With the comments made by Trevor Lawrence about his contract recently, do you think the Jaguars should sign him as soon as possible or wait it out?

Alfie Crow: I have always believed if you think you have “that guy” at the quarterback position, you do not hesitate and sign them as soon as you possibly can. While there has been some weird discourse on Lawrence this season, it’s pretty clear for the Jaguars that he is “the guy” and the Jaguars should rush to lock him up sooner than later, as he’s only going to get more expensive the longer you wait.

Gus Logue: Regardless of his comments, I think the Jaguars should sign him as soon as possible. He’s a top-10 quarterback and should automatically top the non-Mahomes market like Joe Burrow last September, and before him Justin Herbert, and before him Lamar Jackson. I wouldn’t hesitate to give Lawrence a contract worth $300 million.

Travis Holmes: I’m a fan of waiting it out until we see some turnover improvement or consistently high play from Lawrence, as the team will still have him under team control for the next 3 seasons. With an impossible first season under Urban Meyer, a promising first half, and an impressive 2nd half of 2022, plus a ho-hum 2023 season on his resume the jury is still out on who Lawrence will truly be as a pro. With his incredibly high rate of turnovers throughout his career there are still concerns around his Josh Allen level of interceptions in addition to his Lamar Jackson level of fumbles. There’s an incredibly small margin between growing into the next Peyton Manning or resting in becoming the next Jameis Winston/Jay Cutler. Signing Manning to huge money can be franchise-saving. Extending the others could be debilitating for a decade for a team.

Which team do you think made the best coaching hire this cycle?

Alfie: I don’t want to take the easy road, but I think the Los Angeles Chargers made the best hire with Jim Harbaugh. Harbaugh has been a winner every where he has been in his coaching career, between San Diego, Stanford, San Francisco and most recently with Michigan. Harbaugh takes over a talented team with a good quarterback who just couldn’t seem to get over the hump.

Gus: Seattle Seahawks. I thought Mike Macdonald was the best candidate available (and was snubbed for this season’s Assistant Coach of the Year). As tough as it is to move on from a legend like Pete Caroll, I think the Seahawks are in good shape for the future.

Travis: For me, it’s hard to top the Philadelphia Eagles’ hiring of Kellen Moore (former OC for the Dallas Cowboys, and most recently the Las Angeles Chargers). I have always been a fan of the way that he schemes offenses both in Dallas and LA. His 2023 season was marred by major injuries surrounding the team and the incoming understanding that he was always coaching under a lame-duck coach. Nevertheless, I see this as a great sign for 2024 Jalen Hurts truthers and the best team addition.

Who is your pick for Super Bowl MVP?

Alfie: Again I am going to take the easy road and say it’s going to be Patrick Mahomes. At this point it’s almost like betting against Touchdown Tom.

Gus: I like the Chiefs to win but my favorite MVP pick is Deebo Samuel. He’s capable of scoring multiple touchdowns and/or producing the bulk of San Francisco’s passing offense, which is typically needed for a receiver to win the award. It helps that George Kittle is battling a toe injury and Brandon Aiyuk has a tough matchup against L’Jarius Sneed.

Travis: I believe that the Kansas City Chiefs will have success on the ground on Sunday, like the Detroit Lions similarly did versus the San Francisco 49ers. Based on that my game MVP will be Isaiah Pacheco. I predict he will again receive over 20 carries and will crack 100 yards, plus one touchdown in a lower-scoring affair.

What are your thoughts, Jaguars fans? Let us know in the comments!