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Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence Super Bowl interviews observations

Lawrence has recently been making his interview rounds during Super Bowl week. We discuss a few key takeaways from each sit-down and what it could mean for the team going forward.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Tennessee Titans Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, Jacksonville Jaguars third-year quarterback Trevor Lawrence sat down with Kay Adams of Up and Adams from Super Bowl Radio Row to discuss his injury-plagued 2023 season and what it means for the team moving forward.

Later on Tuesday, Lawrence joined NFL Network's Super Bowl Live with Patrick Claybon and Bucky Brooks to discuss more on the season and any lessons he took from it moving forward.

In addition to the items below, Lawrence also discussed the prospect of him receiving or not receiving an offseason extension, the prospect of Josh Allen getting a long-term contract to remain with the team, and would Like Fortner cheer for Will Levis or Trevor in Lawrence's upcoming table tennis tournament. If you have 17 minutes, I would recommend fans watch both interviews in full above.


“I would say [injuries) we're a factor. Guys are dealing with things every week so it's never an excuse. It doesn't make you feel better; you've still got to perform every Sunday.” (Up and Adams)

2023 was potentially Lawrence's most injury-riddled season of his short career. He suffered four injuries to different areas throughout the season that forced him to miss practice time and play at less than 100%. He first suffered his knee injury in Week 6, an ankle injury in Week 13, a concussion in Week 15, and a shoulder injury in Week 16 that forced him to miss practices and the game. That was his first career missed start, snapping a consecutive start streak of 51 games. These were probably four of Lawrence's worst games of the season.

His Offseason Wish List:

There are definitely conversations that I have with Coach Pederson, with Trent [Baalke], with Press [Taylor] on the offensive side that is about personnel - guys who that like, maybe who are up as free agents and maybe want to come back... But I can't be the best quarterback I can be if I'm also trying to be the GM or the head coach. I think it's healthy to have some separation there.” (Up and Adams)

Many fans of the team have openly vocalized that the team should pick whoever Lawrence wants in free agency and allow him a seat at the table in building the team. Here, Lawrence delineates his role like a veteran NFL player. After an inconsistent third season, his focus should solely be improving on his progression reads, getting in sync with his receivers, and healing up for 2024. If your QB handles GM and HC duties and isn't already an elite QB, then you need a new GM and HC immediately.

Reading Their Press Clippings:

“I think it's just, it's an eye-opener for us. And I think it could be a good thing for us in the long run. Sometimes when you have a season that finishes that way, especially not making the playoffs and the position that we were in, it kind of heightens the sense of urgency for everyone. We know, all right, we’re not where we need to be. We know we’re not where we want to be. And you’re coming off that instead of, you know, maybe a year, maybe we make the playoffs. We found a way to make the playoffs this year, and we don’t learn the lessons we do because we think we’re a little bit better than maybe we are. So I think it could heighten the sense of urgency, you could, you know, put a little pressure on us in a good way. And we need that.” (Super Bowl Live)

This also goes back to something Coach Pederson mentioned during his postgame presser after the Week 3 Houston Texans loss.

In that same postgame presser, Doug later stated:

“We’ve got ourselves in a little bit of a pickle here and we have to work it out. We need to play better. We need to execute better. Whether we are reading our press clippings, we need to get out of our own way right now.”

It seems, based on Pederson's in-season comments, Lawrence's postseason comments, and much of what we have collectively heard around the team that decision-makers and players alike may have viewed this team as better than they truly were based on the last half of 2022 while dismissing or minimizing any team deficiencies from the first half of 2022 when heading into this season. In some ways, based on their 2022 success and Week 18 victory over the Tennessee Titans, the team may have skipped the line on learning some lessons to make them better long-term (e.g., team-building from the trenches, starting hot early in games versus playing from behind consistently, etc).

Random Takeaways:

  • For those who missed it, these were the Peyton Manning Pro Bowl comments that Kay Adams references in her interview with Lawrence.
  • Per Lawrence, backup quarterback CJ Beathard is potentially one of the best table tennis players on the team.
  • As an aside, in the P&G Battle of the Paddles Lawrence was promoting, he teamed up with Dustin Hopkins in the doubles tournament where they won the golden paddles. Unfortunately, he lost in the first round of the singles tournament to the Titans' Mayo Messiah, Will Levis.
  • Also, I just thought this was a pretty random Up and Adams pre-interview crash by someone who interviews for a living (Seth Meyers).

Boo, Pittsburgh. Boo to you and your towels.


Lawrence continues to make his rounds during Super Bowl week. NFL Network's Steve Smith caught up with Trevor to discuss the Super Bowl matchup.

Additionally, Lawrence later caught up with Yahoo Sports to discuss the possibility of playing with former teammate Tee Higgins of the Cincinnati Bengals.

What takeaways did you walk away with from Lawrence's interviews, BCC?