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Jacksonville Jaguars: The week in quotes

A selection of Jaguars soundbites from the last seven days

2024 NFL Pro Bowl Games Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

It might be Super Bowl week, but there’s plenty going on in and around the Jacksonville Jaguars! Here are the best quotes of the last seven days:

“I don’t take it lightly”

Let’s start on a positive note; last weekend, three members of the Jaguars celebrated their own strong personal seasons with a trip to Orlando for the NFL Pro Bowl. At the end of season showpiece event, tight end Evan Engram spoke to the media about his invitation to the games, where in one contest he was able to reel in a touchdown pass from Los Angeles Chargers receiver Keenan Allen:

“It definitely means a lot to me. This is really my first experience, and I don’t take it lightly. You turn on the film every week, and you’re standing next to all the guys that you watch – all the guys on defense that are flying around making plays, making it hard for offenses. Even the guys that I study and watch on the offensive side of the ball … just being around them is cool. It’s tough to get here, to be a multiple time [Pro Bowler], it’s even harder. I’m definitely trying to keep going, to keep being here year after year.”

The last time Engram made the Pro Bowl, the event was canceled due to COVID. This time, he put on a show - and is determined to be back in twelve months time.

“I’m not really worried about that”

Over to something a little more serious now. Speaking on NFL Network, quarterback Trevor Lawrence was asked about contract negotiations between himself and the team. Lawrence is approaching year four in the NFL - technically the last year of his rookie deal. The Jaguars have the ability to extend this by one year if they trigger the option before May 2nd - something that will become inevitable if a long-term contract cannot be agreed before then. For his part, the QB was focused on getting better, not getting richer:

“It’s something I’m not concerned with. Obviously I would love to get a deal done at some point, whether it’s this year, next year, who knows. I’m not really worried about that. But obviously you want to have some security and you want to make money. You want to play and do as well as you can. But at the same time, I know I have a job to do regardless, whether I get the extension this year, next year, whatever it is, I have the same job to do. It’s not going to change. I gotta prepare myself to be the best player I can be next season and take us as far as we can go.”

After a season where the Jaguars were expected to win the AFC South and make the playoffs but failed to do so on both counts, Lawrence feels he has something to prove. With Trent Baalke having a tricky job in making the salary cap stretch, putting pen to paper on a new deal may not come any time soon.

“I wanted to play like him”

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

We will find out before the end of Thursday whether or not former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor is inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame this year. Already a legend in the eyes of Duval Nation, Taylor is in a deep crop of talented nominees, and may well have a better shot of a gold jacket next season. But speaking on the Stacking The Box podcast this week, Taylor acknowledges it was a different Hall of Fame ball carrier that he tried to model his game on:

“I can tell you a quick story. I wore No. 21 In college, and I thought I would get it in the NFL. But my teammate who had it at the time, he wanted $50,000 for it. I won’t say his name but he’s a great guy. We became amazing teammates. So No. 28 was available, and the guy I modeled my game after was Marshall Faulk. I saw him as a freshman, he tore up the University of Miami. He was in their heyday back in those days. And he had an amazing game, almost went for 200 [yards] as a freshman, and I wanted to play like him. So when I had to make a decision on the number, 28 was open. I took it,”

Taylor went on to have an incredible career in Jacksonville, playing in 140 games and racking up 13,600 all purpose yards and 70 touchdowns. Now, rookies entering the league are modeling their game on HIM.

“He was the freakiest dude I’ve seen come through here”

The Georgia Bulldogs are an NFL production line right now, and have been pretty much since Kirby Smart walked through the door. So it’s saying something when one of this year’s most exciting draft prospects - who hails from Athens - pinpoints one player in particular as the scariest and most talented player of them all. Speaking on Pro Football Talk Live, Brock Bowers was asked who he thought was his toughest opponent in training back at college - and the tight end pinpointed second year edge rusher Travon Walker as his biggest nemesis:

“Definitely Travon Walker. Going against him my freshman year when I first got there, just little freshman me, I was skinny. And he was on the other side of the ball in 6-tech and just banging on it. It was awful. And he was the freakiest dude I think I’ve seen come through there.”

Whilst showing flashes of what he can do, Walker is yet to really string together a full season terrorizing offensive linemen. If he can hit the heights at EverBank like he did at Sanford, then the Jaguars defense can expect to be dangerous in Ryan Nielsen’s first year at the helm.