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Bears vs. Jaguars: Three to Watch for the Jaguars (If You Must Watch the Jaguars)

Three things to watch for the Jaguars as they take on the Chicago Bears Sunday at EverBank Field.

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The abortion of talent that is the 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars will give an overall swell effort on Sunday, as they attempt to not look like a Pop Warner team attempting to play with their older brothers against the 3-1 Chicago Bears.

Chicago enters this impending throttling as a 5 point favorite, following an impressive win on Monday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys. While that may seem somewhat low considering the last two home appearances by the Jaguars have resulted in two losses by a combined score of 54-17, keep in mind Vegas generally spots the home team 3 point home field advantage, so in actuality the true spread is a much more deserving 8 points. Don't be surprised to see that spread go up though, once Vegas actually watches tape of the 2012 Jaguars.

There's not much that can be said about this game, that hasn't already been said about Afghanistan, but since we've made this a weekly series on with it we go. Without any further adieu, here are three things to pay attention to for the Jaguars during the first fifteen minutes in which they're able to keep it an actual competitive game.

1. Throw There, MotherF***er!

Jaguars hand off specialist Blaine Gabbert has improved his completion percentage of the forward pass from last season's roughly 50% which was good for dead ass last in the NFL, to a fantastically below average 55% currently, good enough for 28th in the league or an improvement of four whole spots in the statistical rankings of players who complete forward passes. There are still 32 players in NFL games who attempt forward passes regularly, just fyi. While I'm all for the approach that the wingback should be the lone receiving option when attempting forward passes of the football, it appears in the modern NFL game it would behoove Gabbert to perhaps attempt a forward pass to either his flanker or split end at a depth of at least 10-15 yards beyond the scrimmage line. Sometimes, according to recent publications by known scholars on the matter, the depths of the thrower's forward pass can reach measures of even 20 or, and I chuckle at the notion, 25 YARDS! Can you believe that? I know I simply cannot fathom such a thing. If young Gabbert could somehow master such sorcery, why perhaps the Jaguars offensive players may provide the team with just enough points in their column to render a spirited show on Sundays forth.

2. Pocket Full of Kryptonite

Other than left tackle Eugene Monroe, the offensive line for the Jaguars has played at a level somewhere between Terry Parker High School's jv scout team and Anna Nicole-Smith's corpse. The team is currently working with two undrafted free agents at left guard (Mike Brewster) and right tackle (Cam Bradfield) who are somewhere between average and Fox News covering a car chase; a center who is on his last days in the league; and a right guard who could be very good if his consistency didn't rival Amanda Bynes' sobriety. I don't know if there's an answer on the team right now that could fix the sieve that is the team's o-line, judging by the fact Gene Smith is still GM there's likely not, but something has to be done in a hurry before the team risks Gabbert deciding enough is enough and going all "The Last Boy Scout" on us.

3. Beast Mode

Yep, that's right friends, we're wrapping things up with the friggin' fullback. Hell, why not watch Greg Jones anyway it's not like the offense is any good that you'd want to watch any other individual sans MJD. Plus, if you keep an eye on "Beast" long enough, you'll watch him rack up his team lead in receptions while also looking for someone to maim on the opposing team. It's not often NFL players these days are legitimately scared of another player, and it's comforting to know at least something in a Jaguars uniform scares the opponent. Greg Jones, everyone, the catalyst of your 2012 Jacksonville Jaguars and future MMA champion.

Oh, if you were wondering what to watch on the defense for the Jags, here ya go...

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