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Chef's Corner: Brine makes it better!

"Hey Chef, what the heck is a brine?"

DC Mumbo sauce

DC Mumbo sauce is the political equivalent of blending, straining, and bottling the last 4 president of these United States.

How to make a philly cheesesteak

If you like to plan your meals to be themed around the Jaguars opponent, we have you covered.

Chaps' Creme that didnt Brulee

Sometimes we have kitchen fails. This is one of those times.

Chaps' Butt Video

A instructional video on making pork butt.

Life Hack: Crab Cakes

This year the Jaguars play two teams from the crab cake region: Washington, and Baltimore. In order for you to be prepared, Im going to teach you how to make crab cakes on the cheap.

Making That Bread

Despite training camp being just days away, many of us are struggling with the dead zone portion of the NFL calendar year. Struggle no more. I am here to provide you with a hobby.

How to Make Better Meat

So, earlier today we talked about what not to do when you are grilling. Now I am going to give you a few pointers on making your food better.

Man the Grill, Man

Independence Day weekend is one of the best weekends to show off your grill skills. Don't mess it up. If you think you are going to mess it up, keep reading. I'll give you some pointers on how not to ruin the holiday like a dullard.