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Chad Henne's mustache could stay with a winning streak

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne is thinking about keeping his mustache if the Jaguars go on a winning streak.

Sam Greenwood

Multiple Jacksonville Jaguars players have been sporting mustaches during the month of November as part of the "Movember" movement. One of those players is quarterback Chad Henne, but he's thinking about keep his mustache past the month of November depending on how this go.

"For now yeah we’ll see how it goes and if we keep on the winning streak we’ll let it ride for a little bit," Henne told reporters on Wednesday after practice when asked about his facial hair.

Maybe, just maybe the mustache is Henne's sense of confidence, similar to that of Samson from tales of old. It's possible it's the mustache that is the reason for Henne's improved play over the past two weeks. Without the mustache in training camp and the preseason, Henne looked awful.

He also looked awful against the Oakland Raiders back in October, before the start of the "Movember" month so there was no mustache then.