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Why aren’t we viable enough for 8 home games?

The Jaguars are (still) just embarrassing, man

The Jaguars are just embarrassing, man

Hey Jaguars — can y’all shut up for a little bit?

Jaguars are just bad at winning

What will the Jaguars look like moving forward?

Coughlin should be fired, now

Winning is really all that matters

Tom Coughlin has a history of fighting the NFLPA and losing

Why does Dave Caldwell want to trade away his only good first round pick?

Slew of injuries are overrated

Jaguars survive gut punch against Chargers

Fournette rotation is curious and frustrating

It’s one thing to rotate running backs, it’s another to pull them from important downs.

Is the Jets matchup a trap game?

Jaguars are finding their killer instinct

The Jaguars have been dominant in two of their games, in part because they’re finding their killer instinct.

Jax Mayor Lenny Curry: “I think it’s stupid” not to stand for the national anthem

Shad Khan joins players in pregame protest

Hello darkness my old friend...

It wasn’t anything that was a big secret, but the Titans laid out the blueprint to shut down the Jaguars offense.

Go make us look like idiots today, Jaguars

You should expect the Jaguars to beat the Texans

Tom Coughlin: “We weren’t interested” in Colin Kaepernick

Does it really matter how well Brandon Allen plays?

Why aren’t you even trying?

It doesn’t matter who the Jaguars start at quarterback, because it doesn’t appear like they’re even trying to win.

Bortles cannot start Week 1

While the Jaguars have an open quarterback competition, it’s likely that Blake Bortles has already lost.

The Jaguars could have prevented this Albert drama

Fowler doesn’t think he has maturity issues

Dante Fowler, Jr. met the media for the first time since his arrest last week doesn’t think he has a maturity issue.

Albert situation: It's fine

The Jaguars traded for left tackle Branden Albert, but he's yet to report to voluntary workouts in the hopes of getting a new contract. It's nothing to worry about, though.

What should we expect?

There has been a lot of talk about the Jaguars taking pressure off quarterback Blake Bortles, but what does that even mean and what should we realistically expect from him?

What a weird draft

The Jaguars 2017 draft was starkly different than the past few years, but not in a bad way.

What a weird team

The Jaguars have struggled with the optics of some of their decisions this offseason, even if there was sound logic behind them.

Blake Bortles is the guy for 2017

In not selecting a quarterback with the fourth overall, the Jaguars have selected to ride with Blake Bortles as their quarterback for the 2017 season.

Stop calling minority coaches “Rooney Rule” guys

If you dismiss black coaching candidates simply due to the Rooney Rule, I’m asking you to stop.

Duval 'Til It Dies

The current abyss in on-field performance may have grave consequences for the future of the Jaguars fan base.

An open letter to players who think fans are the problem

You’re wrong.

There is nothing to look forward to

Warning: This article may lead to symptoms of depression.

Bortles likely isn't the guy and that’s heartbreaking

It’s sad to say, especially after such a good 2015 season, but Blake Bortles does not appear to be the Jaguars franchise quarterback.


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