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Jaguars Film Room

Film Room: Marvin Jones Jr. provides stability, leadership to Jaguars offense

An in-depth look at Jaguars free agency signing of wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr.

Jaguars Film Room: Bortles had impressive game Week 2

Jaguars Film Room: Week 1 offensive concepts

FILM ROOM: Breaking down the Jaguars tight ends

FILM ROOM: Dawuane Smoot has incredible potential

FILM ROOM: Blake Bortles has flipped a switch

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2016 player review: A.J. Cann

A.J. Cann and the 2015 draft class have not lived up to expectations. Is there any way to salvage what has been an underwhelming first two seasons?

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FILM ROOM: Chargers LB Melvin Ingram

This week, we'll be discussing Los Angeles Chargers linebacker and defensive end Melvin Ingram.

Film room: Prince Amukamara

Prince Amukamara is betting on himself with a one-year deal. If he can remain on the field, the Jaguars may just hit the jackpot.

Breaking down Bortles' pick-six

In the middle of the third quarter, with the Jaguars down just 10-9, Blake Bortles threw a pick-six. What happened in the six seconds between the snap and interception?

Breaking down Bortles' touchdown drive

Down 8-3, Blake Bortles should have been on the sidelines. Instead, Jaguars coaches gave him one more chance to get a touchdown... and their gamble paid off.

Film Room: Dan Skuta

Dan Skuta is far from a polarizing FA acquisition. His film, however, tends to paint the picture of a player who could make a big impact at OTTO in his first year with the Jags.

Featured Fanshot

Dave Caldwell with zero chill on NFL Network

(via @MillerOnSports)

Jaguars Film Room: Bowanko vs. Wisniewski

In a battle of two very different linemen, who wins the starting center job in 2015?

Jaguars Film Room: Davon House

Can former back-up Packer Davon House flourish in a starting position in Jacksonville? Cole Hartley breaks down what House brings to the Jaguars.

Could Ron Parker be the Jags' plan B to McCourty?

The Jaguars might have missed on McCourty, but he was not the only option at the free safety position. Could the Chiefs' Ron Parker be a fit?

LEO Fits: Shane Ray

Looking at the top LEO prospects in the 2015 draft, and how they fit with Jax, starting with Missouri's Shane Ray.

Would Suh be a fit in Jacksonville?

The Jaguars have a LOT of cap space. Would Ndamukong Suh be a good fit in Jacksonville?

Breaking down Randall Cobb's game

Shorts or no Shorts, the Jaguars could use a true slot receiver. Should they pursue Randall Cobb?

Is Julius Thomas Worth the Money?

Julius Thomas turned down a deal from the Broncos, electing to try and become one of the league's highest paid tight ends. Should the Jaguars make a run at the expensive play-maker?

What does Greg Olson bring to the Jaguars?

A film room look at Greg Olson and the offensive strategies he bring to the Jaguars

Jaguars vs. Texans: Breaking down the last drive

Down 23-17, the Jaguars were within five yards of the game-winning touchdown. And then they blew it.

Film room: Breaking down Gerhart's TD drive

Down 10-7 to start the third quarter, the Jaguars drove the length of the field to score a touchdown and take a lead they would never relinquish.

What happened on that fourth quarter drive?

With 5:13 to play in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars defense gifted Blake Bortles one last realistic shot at winning the game. And almost everything went wrong.

J.J. Watt was not a 'defensive monster'

There's a lot being made out of J.J. Watt's performance against the Jaguars. And a lot of it just isn't true.

Breaking down Bortles' final drive

Blake Bortles played his best game as a pro on Sunday against the Giants, and the final drive that set up the game-winning field goal was a thing of beauty.

Run out of 11 personnel

The Jaguars can't run the ball, so they should change how they try to run the ball.

Defense fixable?

The Jaguars defense has shockingly been a miss through the first four games of the season, but is it fixable?

Bortles can exploit poor Steelers secondary

If the Jaguars win on Sunday, it'll be because Blake Bortles lights up the Steelers secondary. Help us, Blake Bortles. You're our only hope.

Elephant in the room

The Jacksonville Jaguars have a $9.5 million liability on the field, but there's not much they can do about it.

Tight ends killing Jags D

If you need a play in fantasy football, pickup whatever tight end is playing against the Jaguars.

If the Jaguars win, it'll be through the air

The Colts have a defense that lacks talent in the pass coverage department, and if the Jaguars are going to win on Sunday it's going to be because they attacked through the air.

Secondary issues

Why has the Jaguars secondary been so bad, and can it be fixed?

Why can't they run the ball?

So why can't the Jaguars run the football? Is it the offensive line? Is it Toby Gerhart?

How bad was the OL?

Just how bad was the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line on Sunday?

Film Room: Pressure

The Jaguars had a banner day rushing the passer against the Eagles, at least in the first half, but how did they get their sacks?