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Tyson Alualu injury: Jaguars DT had a microfracture procedure

When Jacksonville Jaguars defensive tackle Tyson Alualu had surgery on his injured knee, it was of the microfracture surgery.


In a bit of news that seemingly completely slipped through the cracks of Jacksonville Jaguars fans and such, when defensive tackle Tyson Alualu had surgery on the knee he injured in his rookie season, he had a "minor microfracture" procedure on his knee.

I was able to track down an article on back in March that mentioned specifically Alualu revealed the type of surgery he had, but it didn't seem to get much play and the lede wasn't even buried.

The fact that Alualu had a microfracture procedure on his knee, even of the "minor" variety, explains a whole heck of a lot with his play. The only Jaguars defensive lineman I can think of ever having a microfracture procedure was former defensive tackle Marcus Stroud and former defensive end Tony Brackens.

For all intents and purposes, both players careers were virtually over after they had the procedure done, as it's still not a sure bet to be a success. With that being the case, Alualu may never wind up being the player that the Jaguars drafted him to be.