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Maurice Jones-Drew injury: MJD out a few weeks

The Jaguars will be without running back Maurice Jones-Drew against the Green Bay Packers.

Chris Trotman

Maurice Jones-Drew suffered a sprained foot against the Oakland Raiders on the first carry of the game, then after another play went to the sideline to have his foot re-taped, not looking as if it's a big deal. It apparently was a pretty big deal however, so much so the Jacksonville Jaguars feared Jones-Drew could have the dreaded Lisfranc injury that would sideline him for the remainder of the season.

"He’s got a sprained foot. Again, this is no timeline on it. Based on what we’ve had with the previous injuries with guys’ feet he’s going to miss this game and we’ll know more after that. I’m definitely not going to give a timeline on it because everybody is different," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told the media on Wednesday about Jones-Drew's injury. "There’s two to four weeks and four to six weeks. Players are different and they respond differently to treatment and pain tolerance so I’ll never get into a time frame for guys to return."

Jones-Drew has already been ruled out against the Green Bay Packers and will likely miss the Jaguars next game against the Detroit Lions at EverBank Field. After that, it's possible Jones-Drew could start working back but foot sprains are a tricky thing. Jones-Drew's injury has been likened to that of defensive end Austen Lane's foot injury, which kept him out for quite a while.