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Laurent Robinson injury: Jaguars WR wants to be cautious

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Laurent Robinson has suffered three concussions on the season, so the fear of suffering another one is there.


Laurent Robinson is finally ready to go full speed in practice again, after missing the past four weeks of practice dealing with concussion issues. Robinson suffered his third concussion of the year against the Cincinnati Bengals, so there is a bit of concern coming back that he could suffer another one.

Even Robinson knows that fear is there.

"I just got to be smart with it. I’ve got a long life after football, I’ve got to be smart and I still want to play though so I try and get better as fast as I can and hopefully this week I’m going to be over the hump," Robinson told reporters on Wednesday.

"I don’t want to have another one because I don’t know what I’d do if I did have another one as far as the rest of the season or even after that," Robinson continued. "I just got to be smart, be cautious and play smart football, and if I see a big hit coming try to get down."

The Jaguars signed Robinson to a big-time deal in free agency to be an impact receiver for the team. In four games, Robinson has nine receptions for 134 yards and was going through a feeling out process with quarterback Blaine Gabbert, trying to get on the same page.

The talk about Robinson being a "free agent bust" and a "waste of money" has already started, despite how wildly insensitive to the situation it is. It's in similar regard to the deals with Aaron Kampman and Reggie Hayward, who both suffered devastating injuries after getting the contracts. The difference with Robinson is however, is it's a brain injury. You have to be exceedingly careful with those injuries because they have long lasting effects on a person's livelihood and can cut careers short, despite the player being physically fine and in good shape.

It's possible Robinson can suffer another concussion on the season, bringing the total to a whopping four on the season.

"No it’s kind of something me and my wife have talked about," Robinson said when asked if doctors warned about shutting it down if he gets another concussion. "We just had a baby daughter last week, so I want to be around for her later in life too, so I can’t let something like that affect me."

Yes, it stinks Robinson was signed to such a big contract and hasn't been on the field, but a lot like the Clint Session situation, this is more about a man's quality of life right now than his football production. I, for one, hope Robinson takes it slow and eases himself back in, rather than jumping right into it and risking another concussion. Once you have one, it makes getting more that much easier and likely.