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Rashad Jennings to get opportunity in starting role

With Maurice Jones-Drew out with a foot injury, the Jaguars will have to rely on Jennings who has had double-digit carries in a game just four times in his career.

Mike Ehrmann

When Maurice Jones-Drew suffered a knee injury that required him to miss the final two games of the season for the Jaguars, then-second year running back Rashad Jennings got a pair of starts in his place. In the first he was largely ineffective, gaining just 32 yards on 15 carries before busting out for 108 yards rushing and a touchdown on 22 carries in the final game of the season.

After an injury ended his entire 2011 season, his only other career start was his pseudo-start against the Vikings in Week 1 in the place of Jones-Drew who held out for the entire preseason. He had only eight carries in the game before an injury cost him the remainder of the game and he was out for the next two weeks.

Now he'll have the role again, and will likely have the role for an extended amount of time with Jones-Drew recovering from a foot injury. With no other proven running back on the team and a shoulder injury for Blaine Gabbert, he will also likely be the beneficiary of plenty of carries.

With an upcoming game against the No. 17 rush defense of the Packers, No. 16 of the Lions and No. 26 of the Colts, Jennings may be a viable fantasy option and doesn't present a tremendous drop off for the Jaguars offense on any given play.

Where the dramatic drop-off exists for the Jaguars is that they will no longer have the luxury of two backs to switch between. Where Jones-Drew was able to handle the starting role without much of a spell back, Jennings has never proven the ability to do so and has only had double-digit carries in a game four times.