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Jaguars vs. Packers: Three to Watch for the Packers

Here are three things to watch for the Packers when they take on the Jaguars Sunday, at Lambeau Field.

Scott Boehm

The Jacksonville Jaguars travel to historic Lambeau Field on Sunday, to attempt to not get embarrassed for what seems like the fourth or fifth consecutive week, as they take on the amazing Aaron Rodgers and his Green Bay Packers.

Jacksonville enters this game without their star player in Maurice Jones-Drew, and with starting quarterback and overall swell guy Blaine Gabbert, nursing a torn labrum in his left shoulder. To say the team is an underdog in this game, is being kind. Quite frankly, no one with a sound conscience is giving the Jaguars a chance in hell of winning on Sunday. The Las Vegas sportsbooks have the Jaguars listed as anywhere from 14-16 point 'dogs, which is at or above the most they've ever entered a game as the underdog, including the '96 Denver playoff game.

So obviously we all know what this means.....they will win their second game of the season in the upset.

Here are three things to watch for the Packers, as they either win an expected massacre or end up the NFL's joke of the week.


There's no better quarterback on the planet right now, than the Packers Aaron Rodgers and Sunday's game will provide Jaguars fans the opportunity to watch the best there is go to work against a defense that while playing increasingly better over the last few weeks against the pass, is still heavily flawed and likely to miss some key players. While Rodgers can be sacked if the coverage and/or blitz gets home, see the Seattle game from earlier this season, he is perhaps at his most dangerous when on the move. On top of already being the most dangerous QB in the game, Rodgers is riding an insane hot streak coming into Sunday's match up, having gone 74/106 for 915 yards including a staggering 12 touchdowns to just 1 interception, in his last three games. To put that performance in perspective, Blaine Gabbert is 88/158 for 906 yards and 6 touchdowns...for the season.

2. The Clay Matthews Band

When talking about the Packers attacking defense, it begins and ends with outside linebacker and All-Everything, Clay Matthews. The fourth year veteran sack master, already has nine sacks on the season and is used almost everywhere in Dom Capers' 34 "Psycho" scheme, which makes it all the more difficult for the opposing coordinator to game plan for him. Matthews will be asked to do even more now with future Hall of Fame cornerback Charles Woodson out for the next six weeks. If the Jaguars can neutralize Matthews, it would open up a lot of possibilities for success this Sunday, but that will be much more easier said than done, particularly with the offensive line playing erratic this season.

3. Corn on the Cobb

On a team that on paper is overflowing with talent on offense, the brightest star on the team not named Rodgers this season, has been second year receiver Randall Cobb. The former Kentucky Wildcat standout, has gone from explosive special teams player, to every downs weapon seemingly over night in 2012. With injuries nagging the team at receiver, Greg Jennings will miss another game and Jordy Nelson is questionable as of this article, Cobb will likely be asked to do even more on Sunday and be Rodgers' go-to guy in the passing game. If the Jaguars are to do anything on defense to stifle the Packers air raid offense, it'll likely have to begin with neutralizing number 18. Judging by how the Jaguars failed at times to handle similar players like Minnesota's Percy Harvin this season, Cobb could stand to be in for a huge game statistically.