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BCC 2009 Mock Draft Database: Round 1

2008 Mock Draft Database
Site 1st Rnd Pick Pos. Ht. Wt. College Pick Assessment
Sports Projections - Updated 1/16) Michael Oher
6-5 309
Ole Miss

Football Jabber - Updated 1/26) Michael Oher OT
6-5 309
Ole Miss
Their Take - Michael Oher has been all over the draft board in the top ten, as high as number two. A question is if he can be on all the time or if he will turn it on and off. The Jags coaching staff will know from the Senior Bowl practices. He drops here but still in the top ten.

Draft Empire - Updated 1/28) Matt Stafford
6-3 236
My Take - WTF?

Draft King - (Updated 1/24) Jeremy Maclin
WR 6-1 200 Missouri
Their Take - "While still very raw as a wide receiver, Maclin brings a big play kick return ability that would allow him to immediately impact special teams in a positive way. The Jaguars have a number of needs, but the big-play ability that Maclin has makes him a very appealing prospect. He has jumped up many draft boards since declaring for the 2009 NFL Draft, and understandably so -- his unique talent is similar to what Ted Ginn, Jr. had two years ago where he ended up as a top ten pick."
New NFL Draft - (Updated 1/29) Michael Oher
OT 6-5 309 Ole Miss

Their Take --
"The Jaguars don't have any great play makers at the WR position for Garrard to throw to. However, their line is also very weak up front in the protection game. I think Oher is a great prospect and is one of the top Tackles taken in this 2009 NFL Mock Draft. "

FF Toolbox -
Joel Welser -

(Updated 1/26)
Eugene Monroe
OT 6-5 315 Virgina

Their Take - After Michael Oher and Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe is the other great offensive tackle in this draft. At 6-6 and 315 pounds, Monroe is a big tackle who has a frame that will allow him to add more weight. Jacksonville has some bigger needs, but picking up a franchise tackle is not a bad way to start off their draft.

Fantasy Football Jungle -
(Updated 1/28)
Eugene Monroe OT 6-5 315 Virgina Their Take --
David Garrard's number of INT went up last year and a big reason to that was his protection. Monroe is the guy that kept Brandon Albert at LG and not LT which he is playing now
Draft Guru - (Updated 1/16) Jeremy Maclin
WR 6-0 200 Missouri Their Take --
What a disappointing 2008 season. The Jags need their offense to stay healthy and they need David Garrard to play better. Garrard needs some help and cannot depend on MJD on every play. They have no big play WR and if MACLIN was brought in they could establish a down field threat they have been missing for years.
Drafting for the Future
- (Updated 1/26)

Aaron Maybin
DE 6-4 248 Penn State
Their Take -N/A
Pro Sports Draft - (Updated 1/20) Jason Smith
OT 6-5 300 Baylor Their Take -The Jaguars are the best overall team out of any team piking in the top ten. Muck like the Patriots last year, many teams will look at this spot and are willing to give up extra picks to move up.Trading down would be the wise move but if they are forced to stay still, they won't hesitate in getting a young O Line stud. Chris Wells will be hard to pass up but with Fred Taylor and MJD still on the roster and producing, they can go with a pick for the future and select Smith who has risen up draft boards and will most likely be chosen earlier then he should because of the early run on offensive tackles much like years past.
New Sport Draft (Updated 1/11) Jeremy Maclin
WR 6-0 200 Missouri Their Take -N/A
Ramblin' Fan - (Updated 1/11) Eugene Monroe
OT 6-5 315 Virgina Their Take - "Denver needs to find a way to stop the run. They can fill that need with Maualuga. Denver could also go with a DE at this position."
FF Toolbox -
Raul Colon
(Updated 1/25)
Eugene Monroe OT 6-5 315 Virgina Their Take -Jacksonville needs to reestablish its power running game if they expect to move into playoff contention. Last season the team placed most of its offense on the shoulders of QB David Garrard. Garrard is a good QB but he is not a difference maker. He needs a strong ground game to be successful. The Jaguars' offensive line could use a left tackle. Monroe could develop into a solid player.
Sports Fantasy Guide (Updated 1/18) Malcolm Jenkins CB 6-0 200 Ohio State
Their Take -

Jacksonville will be looking for secondary help on defense or WR help on offense. Currently I think they will take the All-American Malcolm Jenkins out of Ohio State who had a very good year in the Big Ten. The Jaguars finished 24th in passing yards per game. They need another CB to help Rashean Mathis on the other side.

Draft Ace - (Updated 1/28) Jason Smith
OT 6-5 300 Baylor Their Take -- Starting left tackle Khalif Barnes is an unrestricted free agent. If the Jaguars let him walk, it would further erode an already mediocre offensive line. The Jaguars allowed 42 sacks last season (8th most in the NFL), and Barnes was easily their most reliable lineman. If Barnes returns, they could turn their attention towards landing an inside linebacker like Laurinaitis.
NE Patriots Draft
- (Updated 1/24)
Malcolm Jenkins CB
6-0 200 Ohio State Their Take -- "The most complete, if not talented, corner in the draft. Needs to work on recovery speed and playing the double move."
Walter Football -
Matt McGuire

(Updated 1/24)
Michael Oher OT 6-5 300 Ole Miss
Their Take - N/A
Seahawks Draft - (Updated 1/10) Jason Smith OT 6-5 300 Baylor Their Take -N/A
NFL Draft Blitz
- (Updated 1/23)
Malcolm Jenkins CB 6-0 200 Ohio State Their Take - "Unless the ILB position is addressed during free agency, this is a must in round one. Nate Webster's fire and desire (thanks Rick James) are appreciated, but he simply lacks the talent to be a difference maker. Spikes, though not as big a name, may be a better pro than the other top LB's in the draft. "
FF Toolbox - Ricky Dimon
(Updated 1/23)
Jason Smith OT 6-5 300 Baylor Their Take -N/A
Draft Headquarters - (Updated 1/26) Michael Oher
OT 6-5 309 Ole Miss
Their Take -- "The Jaguars had the opportunity to coach Michael Oher at the Senior Bowl this year and I they seemed to be impressed with him. Jacksonville needs to upgrade their offensive line, specifically at left tackle, which is why this pick makes a lot of sense. I could also see them going with a wide receiver in Jeremy Maclin to add a playmaker to their offense."
Mock Draft Aces - (Updated 1/27) Jason Smith
OT 6-5 300 Baylor Their Take -- "The Jags have two gaping holes on their team. The O-Line and D-Line. Big John Henderson just isn't the same dominant player he once was and really got exposed this year without fellow DT Marcus Stroud next to him. Jack Del Rio prides himself in having a stout defense that can stop the run and the Jags really struggled this year. With all that being said, this pick has to address the bigger of the two gaping holes and that is the left tackle position. Most likely, they will let starting LT Khalif Barnes walk after the season and due to the tragedy regarding Richard Collier, they have absolutely no one waiting in the wings behind him. Jason Smith is a converted TE who is a great athlete and quick on his feet. He will have to start from day 1 trying to help an O-Line that gave up 42 sacks last season. Rumors have it that disappointing free agent WR Jerry Porter and bust Reggie Williams will not be retained making a WR a need once again."
College Sports Master - (Updated 1/7) Malcolm Jenkins CB 6-0 200 Ohio State
Their Take - N/A
APFootball - (Updated 1/6) Matt Stafford
QB 6-3 236 Georgia My Take - WTF!?
Lucky Lestor (Updated 1/19) Eugene Monroe
OT 6-5 315 Virgina Their Take - "While Michael Oher is a stud, he has shown a lack of focus at times. He's been beat by lesser defensive ends, and while the talent is obviously there, Oher's lack of consistency might hurt him in the draft. I have that happening here as Eugene Monroe will get ahead of Oher on draft boards and be the first off the board after Andre Smith. If Maclin is on the board here, the Jaguars might be tempted - they have shown a history of going and reaching for their biggest needs, and they definitely need a playmaker outside. But the Jaguars showed some offensive line (and defensive line for that matter) woes in 2008. Maurice Jones Drew is still phenomenal and David Garrard didn't have as bad of a season as his numbers insisted, but this team needs some help on their respective lines. Monroe has the ability to get plugged in anywhere he's needed, and he'll immediately improve that position. That's rare in the NFL these days, and even tougher to get in the draft. For a team that needs to reestablish their rushing identity, the Jags could make a great pick right here. Many people expect the Jaguars to go linebacker here, but there's room to rummage through the next couple rounds to find a playmaker there. The top O-Tackles, while the position is deep, will be gone long before the Jags pick again."
Draft Bulletin - (Updated 1/28) Jason Smith OT 6-5 300 Baylor N/A
NFL Smackdown - (Updated 1/20) Chris Wells
RB 6-1 237 Ohio State
Their Take "Would love to address the defense, however, Tatum Bell isn't the answer here, and Moreno would be an instant upgrade for Jay Cutler and that explosive offense. Love the pick, but they need to address the defense through out the rest of the draft. "

Total Counts (1/29/09):

By Position
Position #
Offensive Tackle
Cornerback 4
Wide Receiver 3
Quarterback 2
Defensive End 1
Running Back 1
By Player
Position #
Jason Smith (OT)
Michael Oher
Eugene Monroe (OT)
Malcolm Jenkins (CB)
Jeremy Maclin (WR)
Matthew Stafford (QB)
Aaron Maybin (DE)
Chris Wells (RB) 1