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Big Cat Country Community Guidelines

Mission Statement:

Big Cat Country is the official home of the unofficial website dedicated to covering the Jacksonville Jaguars and the NFL-at-large. In accordance with the guiding principals of SB Nation, Big Cat Country is "of, by, and for the fans". Big Cat Country is a community of distinct and diverse individuals from every race, sex, creed, and background that are united around the idea that the world is just a little bit nicer when we're talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars. We may not always agree, in fact, that would make for a terribly boring site, but we all recognize and accept that any fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars is a friend of ours.

Big Cat Country does not seek to replace media coverage of the Jacksonville Jaguars, it merely hopes to offer a voice in the wilderness for the Jaguars community to rally. We exist to create a conversation between fans, media, and the team through the highest levels of discourse. We seek to create an environment where discussion of the Jaguars is elevated beyond the 3rd grade level of comprehension offered by the traditional media.

The ultimate goal of Big Cat Country is to foster a fan-driven community where fandom is praised, regardless of personal disagreements.

Community Guidelines:

With community as our goal, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines. Most of them are common sense.

  1. Be Kind to Each Other: We're all rooting for the same team.
  2. Personal Attacks: Disagreeing on facts is perfectly acceptable. The line is crossed when attacks against an argument move toward attacks on the person. We will not tolerate such behavior, and will generally only offer one warning. Attack the facts, attack the premise, but don't attack the fan. Remember, we're all on the same team here.
  3. Hold the High Ground: Big Cat Country, from time to time, will be swarmed upon by fans of other teams. They will say things to stir up an argument. We will not go down to their level, rather, we will continue to main our high level of discourse and lead by example. Colts fans are given wide sway here for the simple fact that they were the only readers (aside from my mother) when BCC appeared on the internet.
  4. Profanity: Cursing is allowed in live-blogs. Otherwise, keep it to yourself. Most traffic on Big Cat Country comes between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Unless most of our readership is unemployed, that means that we must keep this site as safe for work as possible. Profanity is especially prohibited in fanshot and fanpost titles.