Paul Posluszny injury: Jaguars LB suffers concussion

Wesley Hitt

The Jaguars earned their first win of the season on Sunday, but with it, the team lost their defensive team captain, Paul Posluszny, who suffered a concussion late, head coach Gus Bradley told the media on Monday.

Bradley told reporters that Poslsuzny was asking to re-enter the game after suffering the head injury, but is now in the NFL's concussion program. While his status for the team's Week 11 home game against the Arizona Cardinals is not yet known, Bradley told reporters that it would be Russell Allen, not LaRoy Reynolds, that would fill in at middle linebacker if he is inactive for the game.

If Allen fills in for Posluszny, Bradley didn't reveal who would take over at strong-side linebacker, although former Seattle Seahawks linebacker John Lotulelei would seem to be the most logical choice.

Posluszny, 29, was a second-round selection of the Buffalo Bills in the 2007 NFL Draft and joined the Jaguars in free agency in 2011. He has since started all 41 games since joining the Jaguars and has tallied five sacks, seven interceptions and four forced fumbles with the team.

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Get better Poz!

We need ya.

What's happened to LaRoy?

Seemed like everyone had such high hopes for him in preseason, now he can’t sniff the field.

He's been tearing it up on special teams. Maybe they're really bringing him along slowly?

I assume this happened on the play towards the end of the game....

that he and Branch hit heads on a tackle. They both looked out of it. I sure hope he gets well enough to play this Sunday, but most importantly, that he is going to be ok.


Hope he gets well soon. He is a player that sets the right example and plays hard every play. Every team could use a player like Poz.

This is kind of a needed test to our LB crew though. Not wishing for an injury, but its football and injuries happen. It will be a good test to see how players can fill in if he has to miss any time. We have not really seen much from the backup LBs this year.

They should not have let him play another snap

I saw it happen he got hit hard was shaking a little when he tried to stand up then he fell and a jags player caught him. Was really scary to watch and I’m surprised they let him back in. I know we needed him, but concussions aren’t something to mess around with and this one was pretty obvious.

I did not think they did let him back in....

Are you sure they did?

I thought it said he did in the article

I guess I read it wrong though it said he was asking to be put back in

I didn't see it, but I heard it on the radio

They were saying he was pushing the trainers away, to get back in the game.
Get better, Poz!

I think the concussion happened....

with just a few minutes left to play.

Put him on IR

Remember clint session, Pos is the leader on this defense. There is no reason to play him when this season is a lost cause.

uhhh, no

Session had two concussions in one game… another one

season not a wash

The way the schedule was set up, we are very playoff capable (stats wise, not saying we are going to)… Win out and we make it… With colts and texans regressing. Afc south is truly a toss up…

That is,

some optimistic thinking.

1 win and we're talking playoffs?


why don't you believe in Jaguras

When and how do I get me some LaRoy Reynolds?!

Listening to Gus...

It seems they feel like LaRoy hit kind of a rookie wall lately. But said he bounced back in this game and played well on special teams. He seemed pretty certain it’d be Allen at MLB, so I doubt LaRoy starts this week at MLB. If Poz is out, and Allen is at MLB it’s likely Lotulelei who fills in Allen’s strong side spot. He was in there late in the game, I noticed him easily because of the hair and I thought he was in for Allen but it turns out he was in for Poz and Allen just shifted to middle.

I’m rambling.

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