Yannick Ngakoue and Tony Khan get into heated Twitter exchange

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The Jacksonville Jaguars are a mess.

Yannick Ngakoue wants out of Jacksonville, that much is easy to see. And he’s gone to great lengths to try and force his way out.

That includes today’s Twitter exchange with Tony Khan, the team’s head of football analytics and son of owner Shad Khan.

We’ll update this story as more tweets drop on the timeline.



I was gonna get traded, but then I got high.
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Tony’s up 3-0 right now, this isnt really helping Yann out


That franchise tag that the Jags used on Yannick is fully guaranteed. What if Ngakoue decides to drag his feet throughout the season and puts up a lackluster performance (which is very possible) then who wins? I’d argue that Ngakoue wins.

As an Eagles fan, I wanted my Birds to trade for him but now I don’t. I rather the Eagles pursue Yannick next season in free agency and avoid giving the Jags any of our current picks. Actually, I don’t think any team should reward Khan/Jaguars organization. I’ve noticed a pattern in the way that the Jaguars organization operates and treat their players.

Here’s my two cents:
The Jaguars had no problem with Ramsey & Ngakoue while they were on their rookie deals. Yet as soon as it’s time to sign them to long-term deals, the Jags want to trade them for picks. What good is it to have elite talent in Jacksonville if Khan and the Jaguars organization have zero intentions to "pay up" keep them ? The only reason why the Jags tagged Ngakoue was to prevent him from signing to a team like the Eagles without getting picks in exchange. If I’m Howie Roseman I’d stay away from that trade and let it bite the Jags organization in the ass. The Jags front office got to be the most toxic in the entire NFL and Tony’s snarky attitude only reinforced the image of a spoiled brat and has no business in the NFL. At this rate the Jags are never going to get their hands on a Lombardi unless they steal it. When are guys like Khan and front office going to realize that players like Ramsey & Ngakoue play an important role in a teams success. Without guys like Cox & Ertz the Eagles would’ve never won the SB, thankfully Lurie / Roseman never chased them away.

I have zero animosity to any of you Jaguar fans so don’t take this as trolling. Btw…I feel really bad for the 9th pick in upcoming draft.

Appreciate your take, but...

… this has nothing to do with rookie pay scale. This is 100% about Tom Coughlin being a dick and the Jags being unable to undo the damage.

The owner made it CRYSTAL clear he was going to pay both guys. The Telvin Smith and Myles Jack contracts show that, too.

I just have to disagree with your assertion

How would Yan putting up a lackluster performance be a win for him?

If he doesnt play well under the franchise tag then he’s not getting paid what he wants next offseason. That’s not a win.


One of many who thinks that I see lol. Thanks for the insight

You know nothing about our organization and just read headlines on ESPN

Like sourwine said, they wanted to pay Yan and Ramsey. But both heads clashed, it had a lot to do with Coughlin, and the dust never settled. Then they both cried when they didn’t get their way, the player doesn’t run the team. If the player cries and gets their way, what message does that send to the rest of the team? Or the rest of the league in that matter? Yan turned down a contract from us that was around 19mil a year but he wants 22mil like he’s Khalil Mack or jj watt in his prime. He’s good but not that damn good

Yo guess what!!!

They can simply tag his ASS again next year…..

If he plays bad then teams won’t want to pay him as much. He isn’t going to the Eagles. Let it go. You guys got all your money spent on the 3 dts

Please stop.

While I appreciate your take, it is not fully informed at all.

I get it, Jags haven’t looked great in the media and they put themselves in that position. But as several here have pointed out, a LOT of that was on Coughlin.

Now I personally do not believe that a toxic environment is created by just one man — it can either be sustained or checked by his colleagues — so I’m sure the rest of the organization bears some blame for the toxic headlines. With that said, I am starting to believe that the toxic leadership either hid or helped develop (or both) severe attitude issues and lack of discipline among the players.

Now that Coughlin is gone, it is on the players to check the attitude and develop some discipline. These problem players seem to think they can use the "leadership here sucks" excuse forever. They can’t. There WAS a problem. There WAS reason to complain. Changes were made and the leadership is purportedly going to be doing things differently. When the workers band together and get their boss fired, the responsibility is now on them to work with the new boss and see if things change. Yan is simply refusing to do that which is fine. He has the right to decide "too little too late." But the teams’ complaints WERE heard, there WAS a leadership change, and Yan DID get a pretty good offer last year to the tune of $19M/year with an avg of $25M/year in 2019 and 2020. Yan’s disillusionment and refusal to give the Jags a second chance does not change these facts.

Khan is BURYING him

Yan seriously need to take the L. My word.

The jags organization are really the ones taking the L

Tony’s responses were great but at the end of the day he’s right about this driving down the compensation we will receive and the team can’t have these distractions and bad publicity going into next season.

If I’m a rookie getting drafted later this week I see these tweets from yan as a huge red flag about the organization. Especially on the heels of the ramsey debacle

Besides Campbell yan and ramsey were by far the two best players we’ve had in Jacksonville in the past decade and they both left on a terrible note. What does that say to players considering Jacksonville in free agency or in negotiating a second contract?

How’s the team taking a loss

Yan can either play for the 18.5 or sit out a year or hope someone gives us what we want. The spoiled one is Yan bitching because he hasn’t been traded. Yan good but he ain’t HoF’r great yet

It doesn’t help us if yan sits

He’s only be a distraction.

hard to be a distraction when you don't show up for work

"Hold my beer" -Jalen Ramsey

Who was that a distraction for exactly?

I don’t recall anyone with the team saying g that Ramsey was a distraction.

You live in an alternate reality

Doesn’t matter what anyone said or didn’t say. When you’re all over the media for anything other than winning and the team then you’re a distraction.

So the fans just thought it was a distraction

To a mature young player who sees those situations for what they really are, it wont be a problem.

I’m betting the FO places a particular emphasis on maturity in this draft. Not just the Jaguars, other teams are taking notice too I’m sure.

The Organization is bad

But don’t call out the owner’s son on Twitter. That’s a bad look.


I agree with u here.

We've clashed a lot lately, but I'm with you on this one

I legitimately want Yann to go to a good situation and for the Jags to get good compensation. Win-win. This Twitter war ain’t helping

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