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Jaguars vs. Raiders 2012: Darren McFadden needs to be corralled

The Jaguars defense will be going up against one of the most explosive backs in the NFL when they take on the Oakland Raiders.

Kevin C. Cox

Against the Oakland Raiders on Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars defense is going to have to try to slow down one of the more explosive running backs in the NFL in Darren McFadden. The Raiders running back has had a slow start to the season, averaging just 3.2 yards per carry so far, but he's still a threat to score anytime he touches the football.

"I know he’s extremely fast, slashing type. He’s not far off. He might be a faster Rashad Jennings type, big, upright and fast. He’s a good player," Jaguars head coach Mike Mularkey told the media about McFadden on Wednesday. "A really good player obviously. Home run threat every time he touches the ball."

The Jaguars run defense has been a mixed bag so far this season with injuries all around, especially at the linebacker position, so corralling McFadden will be a priority for the Jaguars on Sunday. If McFadden can pick up chunks of yardage, it might be another long day for the defense.

The last time McFadden played the Jaguars, he picked up 209 total yards and three touchdowns, including close to 100 yards receiving.