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Weekly Chats Presented By Xfinity: Big Cat Country talks with Xfinity sports guy

The Xfinity sports guy, Austin Schindel, chats with Big Cat Country's Alfie Crow about the Jacksonville Jaguars, London, and Tim Tebow.

I sat down with Austin Schindel, the Xfinity sports guy, to chat about the Jacksonville Jaguars over Skype earlier today. We chatted a bit about the London series and what it means for the Jaguars going forward, as well as the current state of the Jaguars and what they can do moving forward in the season.

We also chatted a bit about the fantasy football options on the Jaguars as the season goes on, but I'm not sure why Austin is asking me since he whipped me in fantasy football last week, badly. Like, it wasn't even close bad. I made mention two guys I thought could be useful bye week additions or flex plays in a bind.

We also had a quick mention of Tim Tebow and what some Jaguars fans are saying about the team on social media lately.

Be sure to follow Austin on twitter at @Xfinitysports for all his takes on the NFL and the Jaguars.

What’s better than reading about the Jaguars here at Big Cat Country? Talking about them on a weekly basis. Thanks to XFINITY for helping me bring the chat to Big Cat Country each week.