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Welcome To The Jaguars

Forever Jaguars

The Jaguars are celebrating their 20 year anniversary this season and as a fan base, we've been through a lot.

Not So Fast

This morning ESPN's Jaguars blogger released his mail bag. Near the end of his post he says, "I’m not on anybody’s side. I’m just doing my job. This is what I told Caldwell: “I will be fair. I’ll rip when I need to rip and praise when I need to praise. I won’t take cheap shots, either.” Just know that I have no control over what anyone else at ESPN writes or says. Sometimes national writers and experts will have opinions that Jaguars fans will hate, and those stories and videos will be posted on the blog. Sometimes I’ll have an opinion you hate. That’s OK. If you liked everything I wrote or said I wouldn’t be doing my job. Just know that I respect the fans’ opinions and welcome feedback -- negative or positive."

What sports bar do you frequent for Jaguars games?

We take a look at sports bars where people can view Jaguars games in Jacksonville, around the country and around the country/world.

Shad Khan Believes in Jacksonville

Some people don't want to believe that Jaguars owner Shad Khan is committed to the city of Jacksonville. Here's why I believe in Khan.

DTWD: Reppin' the Jaguars in Ireland

American football is one of the fastest growing sports in Ireland and Stevie is proof that the game is taking deep root on the Emerald Isle. A fan since he was 12, Stevie bleeds teal in Southwest Ireland.

We Are the Old-Timers

What do Jaguars things have to be proud of? A lot. We've seen it all. No I mean really. We've seen everything.

The rise of 'Generation Jaguar'

Jacksonville Jaguars fans have been made fun of for years, but all of that poking might have awakened a beast of a fan base.

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My Jaguars Fanhood Arc: A Love Story

Why I am Duval Til I Die

When the Jaguars were born, I was chillin in Elementary School. I was mastering the art of cursive. Zs were so difficult for me. I don't remember how to make one this very day. Whatever though. Anyway, when the Jaguars were born I was so happy. My city had a team. We were significant.

Moving on

Im done with the Tebow deal. I trust Caldwell didnt forge the document at his press conference. Im no longer mad, bro. Time to go lift.

Mike Bianchi, please go.

Orlando Sentinel columnist Mike Bianchi is frighteningly obsessed with the Jaguars not wanting Tim Tebow. An open letter to one Mike Bianchi.

Freddy T.

Sit down, bruh. You're going to need to. Im about to introduce you to a young fellow by the name of Frederick Antwon Taylor. Hold on. I need a second. I literally just cried when I typed that name. Emotions, y'all. They are real.

Welcome to the Jaguars

We know, KNOW, that there is going to be an influx of new Jaguars fans. We can feel it. It's growing. The juice is flowing. Because the fans will be coming in masses, we have decided to give you a series. This series will be dedicated to introducing, reminding, or reiterating facts about the Jaguars. There is much to know. We are a young team with a fan base that is really starting to come into its own.